Kids Disco Party

Kids Disco Party Guide

  1. Music to welcome everyone arriving.
  2. Table for guests to put presents, near to birthday cake.
  3. Chart music playing, with requests and shout outs.
  4. Dancing and party games:
    • Musical statues
    • Pass the parcel
    • Corners
    • Simon says
    • Dancing competition for best girl and boy
  5. Food break.
  6. Birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday.
  7. More Dancing (Party Classics):
    • Mambo No 5
    • Reach
    • Grease
    • Time Warp
    • Sexy And I Know It
    • Gangnam Style
    • Move Like Jagger
    • Witch Doctor
    • Superman
    • Cha Cha Slide
    • I Am The Music Man
    • Macerena
    • Hokey Cokey
    • The Conga
    • New York, New York


All prizes, birthday cake, food, drink and sweets etc. are not provided.

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